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Fire Department

“Protect Life, Save Property”
Proudly serving the community since 1974
If you have a fire emergency, please dial 911!

fire-station1Jackson County’s fire protection is provided by volunteer Fire Departments divided into eleven districts. North Jackson Fire District is governed by an elected Board of Directors who set the budget and mil rate for the district. The Fire Chief is responsible for the operation of the Department.

The North Jackson Fire District covers 37.5 square miles. The Department is made up of men and women from all walks of life. The current company includes farmers, postmen, retirees, bus drivers, civil engineers, etc.

The fire Department issues gear and provides extensive training to all members. Additional benefits include incentive programs and a state pension plan.

Department History

In 1973 several men in the community saw the need for a fire department in the North Jackson area. These pioneers included Smith Bridges, Claude Pardue, Jerry Fletcher, Frank Davis and others.

They got together and started the North Jackson Fire Department. In the beginning, they operated two engines. Through their dedication and the dedication of all volunteers of the North Jackson Fire Department, the department has grown to the organization that exists today. Funding in the early days was raised by BBQ, ham and egg suppers, a reverse raffle for a Cadillac and wrestling matches.

Department Equipment

The Department currently has three stations. The stations are located in the local towns of Pendergrass, Talmo and the community of Fairview. Following are the station locations and equipment inventory for each.

Training Regimenfire-eng42_ib3i

The North Jackson Fire Department provides personal protective equipment (PPE) for all of its members. The PPE includes full “turn-out” gear. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), reflective vests for traffic control safety, sterile gloves, etc. The turn-out gear consists of a coat, pants, boots, gloves, protective hood, and a helmet. This gear protects the fireman from the heat in a fire and, combined with the SCBA, allows the firefighter to enter burning structures.

The Department also provides training every Tuesday at Station #1 in Pendergrass. Classes are provided for Basic Firefighter, Extrication, Arson Investigation, Incident Command, Haz-Mat, Woodland Firefighting and Pressurized Container Fires to name a few.

The Department also provides a tuition reimbursement program for related classes is completed with a passing grade.


The North Jackson Fire Department is an all volunteer force that has attained an ISO Rating of 5 for area with a county water source. The Department is always happy to help the community by participating in events such as school programs and festivals. Community citizens are encouraged to become volunteer members to help maintain the level of high-quality service that is needed for our growing community. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Department is encouraged to contact any of the officers listed below to ask question or obtain information about qualifications for becoming a volunteer firefighter.

Chip McEver, Fire Chief
Dennis Elrod, Assistant Fire Chief
Mike Brooks, Captain, Fire Operations
Jody Woodall, Captain, Rescue

Mike Brooks
J.W. Cole
Dennis Elrod
Bobby Lewallen
Lendgrin Maddox
Chip McEver
Robert McEver
Jimmy Pethel

Phone: 706-693-2701 Fax: 706-693-2701