Sep 02

Talmo Proclamation “Red Ribbon Week”

At our August 4, 2015 Council Meeting, Talmo made a Proclamation designating October 23 – 31, 2015 as Red Ribbon Week.  Talmo was asked by YM/SSgt. Emma Hartley to consider making the Proclamation back in June of this year. We hope that the war on drugs will help make a difference and pray that drug addiction will lose its grip in our society. We also understand it will be a collective effort from all to see a lasting change in our own communities.

We send a big thank you to YM/SSgt. Emma Hartley and all of the young people who participate and push this cause forward. We pray for continued success in their pursuit to win the war on drugs and hope for change in the months and years ahead.

Red Ribbon Week 2015